Children's Working Hunter - Reserve Champion: Face Off / Mikaela Kucharczuk
3'0 Amateur Owner - Champion: Stutterfly / Maya MacLennan
Jr/Am Jumper 1.10M - Reserve Champion: Orpheus / Brooke Krause
Open Jumper 1.15M - Champion: Orpheus / Karalee Niesen
Open Jumper 1.35M - Champion: Travola / Christina Woodley


It is with a great sense of humility that we are fortunate to have so many wonderful Keurwood family members. The generous, unsolicited positive feedback and comments we receive from our clients and their friends on a regular basis is always uplifting and inspirational. We feel a great sense of achievement and pride knowing our Keurwood family members (two legged and four) are happy. Although we have heard the expression "If you build it, they will come", a true testament to living by our vision is realized when clients travel significant distances, from Milton, Brampton, Oakville, and even as far as Markham and Stoney Creek, to come and be part of our family! 


We sincerely thank our friends for their gracious feedback:  


"Keurwood is a very welcoming and relaxing place to board and enjoy my horses. The horses are happy, healthy, shiny, and showing lots of character since moving to the farm. I have noticed a great improvement in their weight and their overall attitude to our daily routine. Everyone boarding at Keurwood is extremely friendly and helpful. The staff is knowledgeable, organized and very much in tune with all the horses.


I can say I am very happy at Keurwood. I look forward to going and riding my horses everyday. I am very comfortable that if I can't make it out, they are in great hands! "


- Samantha as well as, Coin and Wellington :)



"Christina has been extremely professional, welcoming and understanding while providing me with not only her beautiful facility, but also exceptional care. Christina always has her boarder's best interest in mind, both horse and human. I never worry when I leave the barn because I know my horse is safe and happy. I have never received higher quality care then at Keurwood and I'm so happy to have found a facility that meets all my expectations and more!"

- Katrina and Bruce



"The first time I walked onto the property, I knew this was going to be the perfect place. I sensed that Ricky knew this too as he stepped off the trailer and into the barn with ease, as if he had been there before. The transition and the process of settling in went flawlessly; we were both accepted into the community in a heartbeat. I had never felt so welcome at a barn. Ricky’s disposition went from being cranky and a little sour to peaceful and content almost overnight. He made friends as fast as I did and began to gain much needed weight, from being outside on delicious looking grass all day to quality hay and grain indoors. It’s been a process as it usually is (especially with thoroughbreds!) but with Christina’s help and unlimited wealth of knowledge, we’ve been working at packing on the pounds. It is an unbelievably rare thing to come by, but Christina genuinely cares about each horse and each boarder and works tirelessly to provide the best for us all (she succeeds at this and I’m sure I share that sentiment with everyone). She is absolutely in tune with all of the horses. I was having quite a bit of difficulty lunging, even riding at some times. Christina more than willingly offered her help and I jumped at the chance. She has a unique way with horses. Christina really has taken every ounce from her experiences and is so focused, down to every last detail. There are quite a few people out in the horse world who feel the need to overpower horses and attempt to push them around. Although she approaches challenges with a “no-nonsense” attitude, Christina still allows the horse to be a horse and is very kind, gentle, and understanding. She handles obstacles with respect, rewarding results and correcting a mistake in a way the horse understands clearly. She uses a lot of body language and taught me that even the subtlest things mean something to your horse. She even taught me her famous “crouching” technique to get stubborn Ricky into the wash stall. With lunging him, she established her personal space, as he tends to get in nice and close to you (almost to the point of touching). She did this without cruelty or a lunge whip, just body language. She taught me how to drive him forward and stop him using my body as well. After falling off him for the first time, Christina gave me back confidence so, in turn; Ricky and I could work as a team again. Since being at Keurwood, I’ve learned so much about myself and also about Ricky. Everyone at the barn is so knowledgeable and caring, offering any advice they can. I know that Ricky and I are more than just “boarders”, we’re family."


- Steph and Ricky



"Since coming to Keurwood Equestrian, I have noticed my horse gain a good healthy weight as well as be managed by owners and staff who are truly 'in-touch' as they know how to care for all aspects of the barn. It is a well managed facility where the owners truly care about your concerns and take an active interest in how your horse is doing and performing in each respectable discipline. It is true peace of mind to know that my horse’s overall care is in good and capable hands. I highly recommend Keurwood Equestrian to those in search of a top notch facility." 


- Shannon and George



"Keurwood found a solution to our horse's eating habits that resulted in a noticeable weight gain in a short period of time"  


- Keurwood boarder since January 2012



"As an A circuit trainer and coach of hunters and jumpers for over 30 years I have had the opportunity to frequent many horse facilities around Canada and the USA. I was very impressed when I had the privilege to visit and now freelance coach at Keurwood Stables.


The facility is very well designed and horse friendly, huge indoor arena with artificial footing lovely jumps very well ventilated and lit. Beautiful outdoor sand ring also with lovely jumps. The barn is well laid out with huge stalls beautiful grooming stalls and wash racks. The paddocks are grass and large and individual turnout is available to all with automatic water bowls, and easily viewed by the staff to insure the safety of the horses. The farm has a beautiful tack room and viewing room to the arena.


The owners and staff at Keurwood are excellent horsemen with a wealth of experience and all decisions made about the horses are based on years of knowledge and experience for the welfare of the individual in mind. The entire facility is spotlessly clean and well run, and the atmosphere is very relaxed and friendly.  Well done."  


- Judy


"Horses and farm work are my greatest passion and I have spent years working in many different barns. Everything from public trail barns to breeding and training farms right up to 'A' circuit show facilities. Right from the beginning, Keurwood stood out from the rest. The facility Christina has created is not only beautiful, but extremely functional making my job easier and more enjoyable. The community at Keurwood is very much a family that readily welcomes and supports new members such as myself. I can't say enough good things about Christina and how her organization, fairness and caring attitude have made my experience with Keurwood a wonderful one."

- Lori (Keurwood Equestrian Worker) 





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Located in Rockwood, Ontario and serving Guelph, Fergus, Erin, Acton, Milton, Georgetown and surrounding areas.  

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