* 3-rail oak board fencing for individual and group paddocks

* 4-rail oak board fencing for foal paddock

* Individual and group full day turn out available

* Plenty of grazing with clovers (many four-leaf!) and hays (orchard, brome, timothy and alfalfa)

* 12 individual paddocks, 95' x 140' and 95' x 215' 

* 2 inclement weather/injury recovery paddocks, 45' x 53'

* 3 large group paddocks with attached smaller double-sized paddocks that close off during winter months

* Run-in shelters for group paddocks

* Automatic fresh, heated Ritchie waterers in all full-day turnout paddocks (16 waterers in total)


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Located in Rockwood, Ontario and serving Guelph, Fergus, Erin, Acton, Milton, Georgetown and surrounding areas.  

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