* Large 80' x 180' (24m x 55m) indoor arena

* Outstanding dust-free sand and GGT™ (German Geo Textile) fiber footing mix provided by Footing First, LLC

* 8 x slider windows for ventilation during the summer

* 180' skylight for extra natural light

* 2 hanging infra-red heat lamps that heat up to 24°C directly below them - perfect for coaching on cold days

* Insulated ceiling to reduce noise, maintain the temperature and prevent condensation

* Plenty of T5 fluorescent lights to keep the arena bright as day during evening rides

* Our facilities have no fixed hours and the arenas are never closed.  


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Located in Rockwood, Ontario and serving Guelph, Fergus, Erin, Acton, Milton, Georgetown and surrounding areas.  

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